Candid teens


Candid teens now to a dangerous trend experts are calling an epidemic more kids are choosing to vape some as young as middle school and while vaping can help some adults quit smoking some worry for kids it could lead to a lifetime of addiction David Gonzalez is sitting down with a group of teens at Memorial High School for a candid conversation has anyone vaped user Joule using e cig raise your hand I mean like one to like mobile times just have you tried it so half of you a lot of people think that it’s like like a certain group of people but I mean it’s everybody like some of my smartest friends have you know done this stuff pretty regularly friends all over the city and they all say like if you go in the bathroom you’re gonna see it I see it all the times in the bathrooms sometimes in the classrooms anyone else have witnessed it in a classroom other thoughts out of a bathroom in a hallway yeah I’ve seen kids hit it in class blow the smoke on your shirt and like it goes away in about five seconds [Music] wherever there’s not an adult watching you’ll see it you could do it right behind somebody and they wouldn’t know this year we all got Chromebooks given out by the school so that’s a source of charge with the USB port so I see kids in class I gotta look over it’s like they’re discharging their tool and like it’s pretty normal it’s just so easy to access them if you want one you can get them jewel themselves know that they’re trying to like target to teams like the way they advertise and the way they like trying to normalize it the way they name their flavors for some of the younger kids it’s like the flavors in it like you can get like mango or like flavored nicotine why wouldn’t you be curious like what is a mango nicotine gonna taste like they know they’re doing something wrong but they’re just in it for the money and I did reach out to jewel for comments and in part they say underage use of jewel and any other vaping product is unacceptable you can read the entire statement on KHOU comm and as for the FDA they’re actually expected to impose some new restrictions on flavor flavors later this week ash yeah we’ll see how that turns out david students you talked to seem pretty open why did they decide to talk about this it took a while to get them to talk about the best thing is that these kids were actually part of the media class and they have actually worked on projects like used a newspaper to communicate with students and they say that the best way to teach someone about Jules is to talk about them among themselves station thanks David

Date: October 2, 2020