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Hello friends, today we will give you our story titled “Uncle’s Villain Plan” I’ll tell you part of the third. My sister wore her wig with care. He wore a blonde wig like his old hair. I missed seeing my sister like this. My sister had a really beautiful face.

He was waiting for Koray to come. The engagement was going to be held in the hospital and my sister was happy. When he asked me what I thought of Koray last week, I looked into his eyes for a long time.

When my sister nods like a moment, she put my hand on her shoulders and she is always with her I said I was Koray was late as usual. After acquiring my sister, to act indifferent, occasionally to buy with money, simple surprises He was beginning to please his heart.

I could not see in his eyes that he loved my sister. It was like he was using my sister. My sister’s eyes were blind because of love. As Umut said, he thought he found beauty in Koray. Umut, on the other hand, was learning the situation of my sister via phone as before.

While I was still immersed, I was sober when Koray burst into the room. When he walked step by step, hugged my sister and apologized, my sister suddenly He had pushed hard. “You smell alcohol like carrion!” yell.

While we were all looking at Koray with my sister and staying silent, Koray was swearing she did not drink.

“Everything has its place, what did we talk to you about? Is there no respect for our special day? We’re getting engaged today, are you aware? ” he was shouting to Koray. My sister threw her wig, closed her hands on her face, reflexively when she cried I jumped on him and hugged him tightly.

I was kissing her cheeks and telling her to calm down. He left me and stood up. “Go away, wash your hands and face, have a coffee, come like that!” he said in a harsh voice To Koray. Koray angrily put his hands in his hair and confused him.

“Yes, I drank it. You have no right to restrict me and shout at me. ” said. He seemed to have the nerve of alcohol.

My sister could not speak of crying.

He was against alcohol and had spoken from Koray that he should not be drunk on special occasions. He was going to have it rightly. “Sister get out!” a voice echoed in the room when he shouted. My sister’s head was bent forward, her hand was on her cheek.

His voice was silenced, desperate. The first moment I witnessed that moment, I jumped on Koray and hit him with all my might.

I wasn’t even aware of how I was swinging my fists. My sister, who was a piece of my life, turned black when her hand was raised. While my mother and my sister tried to separate and calm me, I got up and said angrily, “This If you marry the guy, forget me!

” saying, I hurried out of the room. My legs were shaking with anger, I could not feel the floor I was walking on. I could barely call Umut on the phone and call him to me. After my sister excluded Umut, we became very close friends with Umut. We would meet from time to time and do activities together.

When Umut answered, “Come over to the cafe in the hospital.” to ask a question by saying I hung up without permission. No matter what, he would come to me unconditionally. After a short while, hope came to us, holding my hands, calming me. But when I looked into his eyes, I could read his anger.

When we finished our coffees, he left me to my house and even to my room. After he put me to sleep he was going to go by me and he was gone. Here, our story is told through Mira’s mouth. I was lying in my room. The nurses had entered my room to warn me for the third time.

I had to eat some food in order to take my medicine and my appetite was low. Even the smell of the food made me nauseous. At the last warning, I put one or two bites of bread in my mouth and drank my medicine. There was no tear in my eyes, but there was a wreck in me. It was as if there was an orphanage building and after that slap, all of its windows were shattered.

The beds inside were broken and thrown away. Although the children were orphaned, they were left without a home. In my life, I haven’t even gotten slaps from my mom and dad. It was like an avalanche that I never expected. I was buried and not trying to get rid of the wreck I was under, I was not trying even.

To sigh and stop thinking all the time, I fixed my pillow and put my head to sleep. Suddenly the door slammed open. I came to a sitting position with a start and there was Umut in front of me. He closed the door, pulled a chair for him and sat next to my bed. He was just looking at me with anger.

I listened to his silence for five minutes. “Won’t you talk?” Even though I asked, he did not speak again.

Finally he opened his mouth and said to me in a bitter tone, “ can you match being with the man? ” For some reason, I went directly to protect Koray.

“It happened with a moment’s anger. Koray is not like that. An error that will not be repeated. He will come to me again tomorrow with regret anyway. My life does not concern you, Umut.

Last time I said I didn’t want you in my life. Do I remember wrong?” I made harsh sentences to him. “What if he really loves you, which I don’t believe. Even if you die of your love it will hurt you, especially a disgusting act like violence It is very wrong for you to be with someone who makes you incapacitated by applying.

The biggest disrespect you can do to your self-esteem and soul. The guy called Koray can fix it, but you don’t have to fix it. You can’t give him a second chance right now. It is the job of the doctors to make him question himself and explain the wrongness of his act. He needs to apply to a psychiatrist.

But no woman, even no human being, is anyone’s rehabilitation center. Do yourself a favor, respect your soul and take it out of your life. When it gets better and you believe it, you give it a second chance or not. This is your life, your choice. ” hope he finished.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. Even though my inner voice said he was right, I wanted to defend Koray again and said, “Yes, This is my life and my current preference is not to take Koray out of my life. Our conversation is over here. I’m going to sleep, will you get out of my room? ” I finished saying.

Without waiting for him to leave the room, I put my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. After sitting a little more in front of me, I covered my hope and left the room. When I open my eyes and look around, my favorite chocolate on the nightstand I had seen. I was surprised, I want this chocolate for three days and he brought it.

Since he was aware of Tokat, Yağmur also told Umut that I wanted chocolate.

As I opened the chocolate and ate it, I thought how accurately Umut had spoken. I put the chocolate on the edge of my bed and got up. I walked in front of the full-length mirror mounted on the closet in my room. I was examining my face, and inevitably my hands started to move around every aspect of my face. I was a very beautiful woman.

But was I a nice person? What was beauty? I made my own beauty Koray. After the last words of Umut, when God closes his doors to me, he opens the door Instead of waiting for it, I felt like it was clung to the devil. A drop of tears from my eye, creep slowly down my cheeks onto my hospital gown fell.

If it was in the past, I would be having trouble with Umut right now.

He was my best friend while lying in the hospital. For the first time in my life, I found someone who almost fully understood me. However, I was separated from the angel’s wings because the devil wanted it. So what did I want?

What did I really want! I realized that I was always living according to someone’s wishes. I never asked myself what I wanted. I am 28 years old and still have no self-esteem.

I have no principles or any goals.

I even chose my profession to stay with my friends. I always built the city I live in and the house I will live in according to the wishes of my friends. I decided who would and would not be in my life according to Koray’s request. Tonight, I wanted to make a decision for myself tonight. I sat on my bed and now I would do whatever I wanted.

I started with little things. I trashed all my clothes. I hadn’t chosen any of them myself.

Later, I deleted 70% of my playlist. Whatever my friends liked, they were on my list.

I had left the fashion pages I followed, just to keep up with them. It was time for Koray. I deleted her number and my photos with it. I was a conscientious person, I could forgive him after a while, but never like taking my life I was not going to be a fool. Even while planning these, I felt free.

I peacefully rested my head on the pillow and closed my eyes with hope for a new day. Third, the end of the episode. Thank you so much for listening to my story. I will tell the rest of my story in the next video. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel.

I wish you all a good day..

Date: February 14, 2020